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迪士尼 2022 

February 17-February 22, 2024

Every two years, members of the Roslyn Marching Band are invited to perform in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This is an incredible experience for our students! 

Disney PaymentS 2024

*Please make all checks payable to "Roslyn Marching Band Fans."

First payment due on September 1st: $1000

Second payment due on October 1st: $750

Third and final payment due on November 1st: $750


Or, you can pay by credit card here!

 Travel Insurance Coverage 2024 (Optional)

Each family has an option to purchase trip insurance individually through the following website:

-Click "Get A Quote"

-Fill in the details and click "view quote" (enter in Orlando, FL as the destination; trip price; initial payment date)

-Select "Worldwide Trip Protector - NY"

-Scroll down and check off the "Optional Cancel For Any Reason" protection.

Friends and Family Tickets 2024

For anyone looking to order Disney tickets through our website, please click the link below:

mickey head_edited.png



2 月 19 日星期六:下午 6 點在 Roslyn 高中見面

2 月 20 日,星期日:旅行日;下午4點左右到達全明星電影酒店

2 月 21 日星期一:好萊塢影城

2 月 22 日,星期二:冒險島

2 月 23 日,星期三:魔法王國;遊行時間和地點待定

2 月 24 日星期四:早上的動物王國;晚上的Epcot;晚上8點在意大利伊索拉的團體晚餐

2 月 25 日星期五:環球影城;下午 5 點離開佛羅里達州

2 月 26 日星期六:下午 2 點左右到達 Roslyn 高中

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